Texas Special Session 2.0: The Latest

The only thing that did show up in Austin over the weekend? Heavy rains that flooded the state capital.

The run-away Texas Democrats are still AWOL, even though the Texas Supreme Court blocked their protections from being arrested. The House sergeant at arms was given the arrest warrants, and began tracking down the run-away Dems who refuse to do their jobs.

"With the civil arrests, which is what we're talking about" said state representative Brooks Landgraf, "With regard to these run-away Democrats, they're basically escorted back to the Texas capital, to the floor of the house of representatives where they have been elected."

But even that may not be enough for Republicans to get the long awaited quorum, which they need to pass the voter integrity bill. Some of the Democrats are still in Washington D.C., or vacationing in Portugal, while others, like Democrat Ramon Romero just don't care. "They'll say hey we want you to come with us, and my answer will be, I'm sorry but unless you're going to put handcuffs on me, you're not taking me from my home or place of business."
In the meantime, Governor Greg Abbott continues to call the run-away Democrats "an embarrassment", and even some of their backers in the mainstream media are questioning their strategy.

The Special Session resumes on Monday afternoon at 4pm, in Austin.

Texas State Capitol Building & Flag

Photo: Moment RF

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