Businesses Trying Every Trick to Find New Employees

Companies are dangling incentives and temptations to attract candidates.

It's the biggest wage hike American workers have seen since the early 1980's. CVS no longer requiring a high school diploma. Businesses are desperate for workers, and corporate consultant Garrison Wynn says it's only going to get worse. "More people are going to retire than ever retired before in the next 6 to 7 months. You're going to see the biggest gap in employees you've ever seen. You're going to see McDonalds paying hourly workers a bonus."

From February 2020 - right when the pandemic started - until a couple months ago, average hourly earnings in the private sector were up by 6.6%. For leisure and hospitality jobs, up 7.9%. For retail jobs, salaries up 8.6%.The minimum wage is increasing...without government intervention.

What is working against those employers is a new mindset brought about by the pandemic. "A lot of people got a chance not to work who had worked all their lives. They realized what they really wanted. what they wanted was a lot more time for themselves and a lot less work. They'll learn to live with less."

photo: Getty Images

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