You Spend 36 Minutes Daily at Work doing WHAT?!?

People think they spend about 42 minutes a day at work not necessarily working. The mind wanders, there are distractions, conversations, birthdays, games, breaks.

As it turns out, people actually take 2.7 hours of break time every day.

That was the finding of a study by Solitaired after talking with more than 1200 workers who mostly sit at desks in front of computers. Distractions are needed to keep focus, but what people are choosing to do in their down time may surprise you.

The Fourth most popular distraction is chatting with friends and family, which cumulatively eats up an average of 18 minutes a day.

Number three is daydreaming, especially likely probably if you have a widow. Number two is being entertained by streaming, or games, or playing Solitaire, and that can take up to 25 minutes off the clock.

But the number one distraction at work, eating up 36% of a person’s day every day at work, is listed as “biological needs.”


Biological needs, as it turns out, includes bathroom breaks, but it’s also stretching, walking, eating, snacking.

Remember that next time your boss asks what you’re up to. “Biological needs.”

photo: Getty Images

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