Texas Redistricting Will Be Delayed, And So Will The 2022 Primary Elections

With a delay in receiving the all important census data, not only will Texas redistricting be delayed. It looks like the 2022 primary elections will be pushed back as well.

"I'm anticipating that we're going to have primaries in early summer" said longtime Republican strategist Bill Miller.

The redistricting delay was expected, and it means Governor Greg Abbott is going to have call another special session. But for Republicans, it will be worth the wait, as Texas is set to receive a nice new fresh coat of red! "You've got new seats opening up, and there will be seats that are re-drawn" Miller told KTRH, "There is an enormous amount of prospective activity, and right now I would say Republicans look strong and look good on paper, and on the calendar."

Miller says there is no rush and that because there is so much at stake, it is important to get it right.

In addition to the primary elections will be the midterms, in what will be an absolutely jam packed 2022 here in Texas, with 2 new seats in Congress, along with the races for Governor, Attorney General, and all state legislators.

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