HISD School Board Approves Mask Mandate, Defying State Law

The largest school district in the state of Texas will force all its students, teachers, and visitors to wear a face mask. A move that defies state law.

After lots of public debate Thursday evening, Houston ISD board members gave their unanimous support to a mask mandate. The 8-0 vote was essentially a formality. Superintendent Millard House II said last week he would implement a mandate starting the first day of school, August 23rd. That means students, staff, and visitors will have to wear a mask at district schools, facilities, and on buses.

Board members didn't seem swayed by parent after parent who lined up during the board meeting to voice their opposition.

“I believe the decision should be left entirely to parents based on what makes sense for their own child and family,” said one local woman.

“I’m asking you to let us decide as parents,” said another man.

“Your mask mandate is a proposal to break Texas law,” said local attorney Elissa McBroom. “You say this is necessary. Civil Disobedience? So, what could such a mandate even accomplish besides serving to invalidate our rule of law?”

McBroom referring to Governor Abbott’s executive order barring government entities in Texas, including school districts, from imposing a mask mandate.

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