Parts is Parts, and They’re Getting More Expensive

If your car is in need of repairs, and those repairs involve parts, you could be in a world of hurt.

Problems with supply chains extend beyond the chip shortage that has caused delays in manufacturing new vehicles and is slowing down the availability of car parts.

The prices are going up. “We’re seeing difficulty in getting ahold of parts, and that’s all of them. Having trouble stocking parts and even getting them to us, and that goes all the way from a dealership level to our parts vendors that we use on a daily basis,” says Jon Robertson, Assistant Service Manager for Christian Brothers Automotive on Westheimer in the West Galleria area of Houston.

Robertson says kinks in the supply chain are affecting just about everything. “It’s the across the board. It’s anything from a gasket, to any kind of a sensor, an alternator, power steering racks, you name it. It’s parts in general,” he says.

The overall cost of auto parts is up about 7% year to year.

photo: Getty Images

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