How COVID Mandates At Schools Will Cause A Red Wave Of Angry Parents

Mask madness is back with a vengeance.

Mask mandates are against the law in the state of Texas, but now multiple school districts are deciding to defy those orders and are trying to force kids to wear masks.

Here in Houston, HISD, the largest public school district in the state is set to vote tonight on whether or not to issue a mask mandate. There will be limited attendance, and parents had to sign-up in advance to participate. But regardless of what is said, the school board has reportedly already made up their minds, and plans to vote to implement a mask mandate.

"They're trying to get the masks back on our kids, and we're pushing back" said Becky Blalock, who is the head of the Freedom Matters Action Group, "I think we've seen this past year that even our local ISD boards are very corrupt, they have political agendas, and unfortunately they are all leftists."

As a result, we have seen an angry red wave of parents unleashed across the country. Covid has been basically a 'cold' for kids, and as we've seen for a year and a half, masks don't work. "I think that red wave is already happening" Blalock told KTRH, "For heaven's sake, lay off the kids."

Governor Greg Abbott, and AG Ken Paxton plan to take any district that defies the ban to court.

Parents Protest Mask Mandates At Florida School Board Meeting

Photo: Getty Images

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