Conservatives: 2022 Midterms Too Late to Address Serious Issues

Lawmakers in Washington are shifting their focus towards the upcoming midterm elections. However, some conservatives are worried both parties are ignoring some of the biggest issues are country is facing right now.

Voters will have a lot on their minds in 2022, and they want their elected officials to tackle problems now. There’s a surge at the southern border, China’s military buildup, and a push by the United Nations for a Global Minimum Tax. Fox News writer, producer Elizabeth Ames says another concern is the Senate passing massive spending bills.

“The real monster is the 3.5 trillion spending bill and entitlements coming up that really we should not be passing,” Ames said. “Once you pass entitlement programs you really can’t get rid of them.”

She also believes the country lacks leadership from the White House.

“I think you need someone who can speak to both sides. Which we don’t have right now. That’s the problem,” Ames explained. “We have a president who may be impaired, highly partisan, and I don’t think that was fully appreciated before he was elected."

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