Read the Fine Print: Infrastructure Bill Promotes Federal Mileage Tax

Drivers across the country are voicing their concern after the U.S. Senate passes a massive infrastructure bill.

Lawmakers who have combed through the 2,700-page document have found a provision that is likely to upset many Americans. The bill allows for research into a federal mileage tax. Essentially, a fee for every mile driven. Former Republican Congressman Ted Poe says it's a terrible idea.

“It’s a tax on all the truckers, all the people who work out of their vehicles, like plumbers,” Poe said. “It’s a tax on everybody who uses a vehicle, which will cost Americans more money for goods and services.”

Poe says burying a provision inside a massive bill is common when lawmakers are not confident it can pass on its own.

“It’s a very tragic move on Americans, and the Left was not upfront about it. They just slipped it in because they know most Americans are opposed to a mileage tax,” he explained.

The Biden administration had promised not to raise taxes on people making less than 400,000 dollars a year. However, the National Motorists Association says if a mileage tax is imposed, it would disproportionately hit lower-to-middle class Americans.

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