Is There A New Tea Party Emerging?

With the Biden administration doing more damage than we thought was even possible, and RINO Republicans continuing to roll over, a question has been raised. Could we see a new 'Tea Party'?

Well, both KTRH's Mark Levin, and FOX's Laura Ingraham have called for a Tea-Party type of movement to activate during this dark time. But the reality is, the Tea Party is still here, and it never left!

"I don't really view it as a comeback" says the co-founder of the Tea Party Michael Johns, "It's an on-going political movement, it's the largest grass roots political movement in the history of the United States of America."

The Tea Party movement began during the Obama administration, and at one point in 2011, featured an appearance by one Donald J. Trump. The base of course went on to support Trump, and voted him to the White House (twice), and still remains. "We want to see leadership in the House and the Senate that's going to stand up to Biden" Johns told KTRH, "So the Tea Party movement has to be continuing to engage the American people in the political process."

Michael Johns would know. As a former White House speech writer, and now frequent tv contributor, Johns has pretty much seen it all. And he does not like what he is seeing right now. "The $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill today is a great disappointment" Johns told KTRH, "It's a horrific bill", all a part of what he calls Biden's universal failure.

"The base of the Tea Party, the MAGA movement as well, all want to see a party that has some fight in it" Johns told KTRH. That fight will be needed, as we countdown to the 2022 midterms.

A demonstrator carries a sign calling fo

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