How All The Fear Mongering Is Screwing Up Our Kids

With Covid control making an ugly return due to the 'delta' variant, young people are getting an extra punch in the gut as they get ready to go back to school, if they even go.

The lockdowns, loss of work, mask madness, hypocrisy, and now vaccine mandates have been brutal over the last 18 months. But what about the kids?

"It's very difficult for our kiddos" said family psychologist Dr. John Huber, "Our kids are struggling, and that's all there is to it."

He's right. New data shows that the pandemic has become a mental health crisis for kids, with treatment for anxiety and depression, doubling and tripling. "I think anxiety and depression have gone through the roof" Dr. Huber told KTRH, "A lot of people were functioning really well, but this is a significant crisis for mental health across the board."

Returning to school was supposed to be a good thing after the loss of 2020. But poor leadership has led us back to square one, with mask mandates and fear mongering. "I think it's a crisis" Dr. Huber said, "And the kids are looking to adults for what to do."

So what should parents do? It starts with talking, and obviously supporting your kids. Let them know the truth, and what is really going on. If you have an issue with your child's school, or school district, you need to get involved. "The best model is the parents need to model what they want their kids to know and learn about" Dr. Huber said, "And my recommendation is to not teach them fear."

And while there is a fear of how this will effect kids in the future, Dr. Huber believes that young people are still resilient, and they will be ok.

Photo: Getty Images

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