Business is picking up all over the country - but how are things here?

Indicators say the American business is really picking up, and The Greater Houston Partnership's Patrick Jankowski says things are looking up in Houston as well. "Slow but robust growth, nothing to be ashamed of. He says hospitality, healthcare, insurance and the arts doing well here. The oil industry is another story. "Oil and gas is not doing very well. Construction isn't doing well - but that's mostly because we were overbuilt in the industrial and office space sector . However, that is beginning to pick up. Manufacturing is low because it's tied to the oil and gas industry in the Houston area.

Jankowski is really impressed with employment gains. "We have created just shy of 50,000 new jobs just this year. That means we could create 100,000 job in the area by the end of this year." He says healthcare is THE industry right now and with the average age of a Houstonian getting higher, it could stay big

Jankowski says some sectors are doing really well.. "We are definitely seeing a big pick up in restaurant and bars - despite the presence of the Delta Variant. Arts and Entertainment, Arts and Entertainment, Finance and Insurance, Healthcare and even Retail is doing well."


Business is returning to Houston

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