Texas Universities and Colleges Set Fall Semester Covid Protocols

Texas college days begin shortly and administrators are finalizing their Covid Campus Rules. Those we contacted are urging their staff, faculty and students to get vaccinated, distance, and wear a mask indoors Texas A&M Vice President Kelly Brown says their students and staff start the minute they hit campus. "We are requiring students, faculty and staff to be tested when they come back. That's mandatory this semester. If needed - we'll do it again." Beside the familiar: Distance, Wear a Mask Indoors and Wash Your Hands Frequently, A&M is offering free vaccinations and testing across all of their campuses.

School's Out---COVID Restrictions Ruining College

There are incentives to vaccinate including this one for A&M students only. Brown details it. "Students who are vaccinated will be entered into a random drawing with the prize being the equivalent of one year of undergraduate tuition and fees."

Rice requires all students to be fully vaccinated before they come back and is closing it's on-campus Willy's Pub at least through September. University of Texas requires a negative test in order to live on campus. University of Houston encourages weekly testing for anyone who chooses not to get a vaccine.

photo: GettyImages

Texas Campuses encourage Covid ProtocolsPhoto: Getty Images

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