DACA Disorder: Biden Admin. Approves Illegals After Court Says No

Oops. Our bad.

That is essentially what the Biden administration is declaring in a new court filing admitting they continued to process some applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, even after a federal judge ordered them not to.

"(U.S. Customs and Immigration Services) admitted the administration had accidentally continued approving recipients for DACA status, after a court decision that the program needed to be shut down," says John Binder, reporter for Breitbart News. "They said it was a mistake and they were able to rescind the applications and the permits that were sent out."

The mistake claim rings dubious for some legal experts. "The federal judge's order came out on a Friday, so that means adjudicators would have had to work overtime on the weekend to issue DACA approvals," says Binder.

There is certainly reason to suspect the Biden administration of being sympathetic to the cause of DACA recipients. Joe Biden was vice president when President Barack Obama created the DACA program via executive order in 2012, and Biden met with DACA recipients at the White House earlier this year to pledge his support for their path to citizenship.

Binder believes all of these factors only raise more suspicions about the administration's actions. "There may be more questions from the court as to how are you going about shutting DACA down, and how are you making sure people are not being further approved for the program," he tells KTRH. "And how many people have slipped through the cracks since they filed this court brief?"

Photo: AFP

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