Border Patrol is Totally Overwhelmed

It seems the surge at the border has never been worse, hitting historic highs not seen in decades.

The CBP tells Fox News they are overwhelmed and over capacity.

“Now the word ‘overwhelmed’ is an understatement,” says retired ICE Special Agent Victor Avila.

Agents are being pulled from the field to process paperwork because it’s the only way to manage the waves of humanity surging across.

“They have been basically dismantled and systematically abolished by the Biden Administration,” Avila notes, pointing to the pending legal case involving Title 42. The Trump Administration had utilized Title 42 to turn away migrants seeking asylum without due process and was sued by the ACLU of Texas, the Texas Civil Rights Project and a number of other groups. It was expected that the Biden Administration might come to terms with those groups over Title 42, but they aren’t, which means the case will continue to go forward, and could add a massive wave on top of what is already a huge surge.

photo: Getty Images

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