5 Things Red-State Governors Should Do Right Now To Secede From Covistan

The Covid control is back. From 15 days to slow the spread, to wearing a mask, even if you're vaccinated, the restrictions are ramping up again.

The 'delta' variant is real, but so is the truth that Covid deaths have remained flat. So why are we freaking out again?

"I think it's political because Joe Biden came into office saying he was going to defeat the virus" said former nurse and now writer for PJ Media Stacey Lennox, "If you look at every measure they are taking right now, the goal is zero covid to be let out of 'Covistan' and that is never going to happen."

Covistan is how Lennox describes the current tyranny we are being subjected to. The Biden administration is no longer sugar coating it, their message is clear. Get the vaccine, or else! As a result, she wrote a piece on 5 Things Red State Governors Should Do Right Now, starting with balancing out the vaccine mandates that are now increasing across the U.S.

"Republican Governors, and legislators can absolutely mandate that any vaccination policy acknowledge natural immunity, and medical risk" Lennox told KTRH. What does she mean? That there should not be a mandatory vaccine for everyone because there are exceptions. Most experts believe that those who already had covid don't need the vaccine, but you never a thing about that. And as she noted with her son, there are some people who medically would be at risk, if they took the vaccine. Again, another point that is never addressed.

Unfortunately, the only thing we are hearing, and it's more everyday, is that you have to take the vaccine, and show your papers. Even worse, more and more employers are now forcing their employees to take the shot, even though it is still not FDA approved. That's against the law, but that was when the law was followed.

"We need to flip that on it's head" Lennox told KTRH, "If an employer specifically mandates that their employees get vaccinated, they become liable for any vaccine side effects that cause harm." Unfortunately, that is not the case right now. If you are forced to take the shot to keep your job, but then something happens to you? Oh well.

And what about here in Texas, where some of the schools are opting to defy Governor Greg Abbott's orders, by forcing kids to wear masks? Lennox says that Texas needs to follow Florida's lead, and let parents have the final say. "The Florida board of education just said the dollars could follow child, if your school forces masks and you don't want your child to wear one? Then you take those dollars, and take your child somewhere else."

Senator Rand Paul probably said it best, "They can't arrest us all, they can't punish us all. It's just time to stop complying with mandates and rules, that make no sense."


Photo: AFP

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