The July Jobs Report says Houston isn't doing as well as other areas.

Recovery from the Covid Lockdown is going more slowly in the Greater Houston Area than in other parts of the state and the country. Principal Economist for Workforce Solutions Parker Harvey says the jobless rate in the Greater Houston Area is just under 7%, but the national rate is lower at 5.4%.

"At the national level about 70% of the jobs that were lost during the Covid Lockdown have been recovered. Texas statewide the number is even higher - about 75%, but here locally (Greater Houston area) it's only about 55%." And there are lots of jobs out there.

Texas Economy Steadily Recovering

Harvey says, "Statewide, there are about a million unique job postings. Here - there are about 185,000." The 185 thousand jobs are mostly in hospitality and healthcare....but not from construction and oil & gas where many job seekers are concentrating. Many people here are looking to regain their jobs in higher paying areas. "Construction and Oil & Gas are not seeing as many postings in that space. I think it's because there is a lot of caution around the pandemic and not wanting to invest in major projects right now. "


Jobs Numbers are Out.Photo: Getty Images

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