Special Session Take 2: Will The Runaway Dems Continue To Hide Out In DC?

As promised, the 2nd special session for the Texas legislature started on Saturday, but once again the run-away Democrats were no where to be found.

Hiding, and hoping for some help in Washington, the Texas Dems did find time to file a lawsuit. No, it has nothing to do with voting. Instead, they are suing Governor Greg Abbott citing anxiety and distress, because the governor is demanding they come and do their jobs that they were elected to do.

"This is the group that believes in wearing masks, but on their charter plane to D.C. last month had no masks, but had a lot of beer and booze on the plane" said Lt. Governor Dan Patrick on FOX, "The same group that was hanging their underwear up over their shower rod and tweeting it out, and now the same group filing a lawsuit by an attorney that apparently has his license suspended."

You couldn't script this any better even if you were a comedy writer, with Patrick calling the Texas Democrats an embarrassment, "They're just showing how idiotic this whole adventure has been for them, and their credibility just disappears day by day, just come back to Texas and do your job. Suing us for the fact that you left? Just get on a plane and fly back here."

The second session started on Saturday, but had to be adjourned until today (Monday) because the Democrats were still AWOL. But Patrick also told FOX that he thinks the 3rd time will be the charm, "I think the house might get a quorum this time around, because I think a few of these people in Washington are going to say, you know what? we've got a bunch of knuckleheads up here with us, we're just going to separate from them."

Special session Part 2 is set to resume today in Austin.

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