12 Steps To Raising A Conservative Child

Remember the old days? When you would get home from school, and then play outside until it was dark. Watch cartoons on Saturday mornings.

Those days are over. The fight for our nation, and the fight for our future is on. The Democrats do indeed have a radical agenda, just like we were warned about. Socialism, equity, reverse racism, labeling conservatives as terrorists. It is truly evil, and the indoctrination starts at school.

Faced with that grim reality, author and FOX News contributor Kate Obenshain wrote a piece titled '12 Steps To Raising A Conservative Daughter', a really well written column, with some really sound advice. "The most important thing right now is to raise courageous children" Obenshain told KTRH, "When I talk about conservative, I mean that you need to raise your kids so that they're able to stand up in this culture of just overwhelming left-isim."

It is overwhelming, and it is real. What is even more true? The reality that if you don't raise your kids, someone else will. That means as parents, we need to not only 'talk the talk', but also 'walk the walk'. "We need to show our children by example what it is to stand up for what we believe in" Obenshain said.

Easier said than done, but definitely something that must be done. It starts at home, with parents making time with their kids a priority, and having real conversations that include talking, but also listening, especially when you consider how much time your kids spend away from home. "So often we abdicate our responsibilities to schools, and that is catastrophic" Obenshain said, while adding that we need to teach our kids to think for themselves, how to express their beliefs without fear, and the really big one according to Obenshain, "It's ok not to be liked" which even more critical today due to social media.

All in all, remember that the time you have with your kids flies by. If you're not happy with what is being taught in schools, there is always the option of homeschooling. Monitoring social media is a must. But most importantly, teach them how to have their own relationship with God, and their own faith. The same rules of living by faith apply to your kids as well. And remember you are responsible to God for how you raise your kids. Not your brothers or sisters kids, or co-workers, or neighbors. So make sure you keep your own house in order, and be a light in what has become a dark world.

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