Why The GOP Needs More “Streetfighters” In Their Corner

After everything that happened with the 2020 election, and all that has gone on since, you would think that Republicans would be more galvanized and unified than ever. Not so.

Instead of standing their ground in the assault against our democracy, a group of Republican Senators decided to help the Democrats pass their $1 trillion dollar so-called 'infrastructure' bill, even though they didn't see it.

"None of us like to talk about it, but the bottom line is when it comes down to money, dollars, and moderates, you can buy them off" said former Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, "I guarantee that if you look deep enough in this bill, you're going to see where those Republican legislators who cut the deal, those were folks who got bought off, and they took it."

As a result, conservative voters and supporters now have to take it. "The GOP has got to stand together" Bonnen told KTRH, "One thing I will give the Democratic party, they know how to refuse to be co-operative."

So when and how will this unity take place? We know that former President Donald Trump is doing his part. But there is still that group of 'RINO's' in Washington (Republicans in name only). Some are suggesting that the key for the GOP? Not just unity, but maybe more 'streetfighters'. "It never hurts to have some good streetfighters, and smart strategists representing you in Washington" Bonnen said, "But part of the challenge I see is that the moderates cut the knees out from under the conservative members when they go cut a bad deal.'

That bad deal is just part of the Democrats radical agenda, with more on the way as they try to push through as much as possible before next years midterms. "What these moderate Republicans are going to tell you is that they saved everybody because they had the number of dollars brought way down" Bonnen added, "But the truth of it is, they wanted infrastructure projects funded in their districts, and that's what they were really going to agree to in the end."

Hopefully, the GOP will find a way to agree amongst themselves. Our future depends on it.

Democrats vs. Republicans. Two boxing gloves against each other in colors of Democratic and Republican party

Photo: iStockphoto

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