U.S. Employers Ratchet Up The Pressure On The Unvaccinated

Get the shot, or lose your job. That's pretty much where we are at now in the U.S. as the Covid control continues.

"What makes this even more egregious is that it is an experimental vaccine" said attorney Jared Woodfill, "It's being used under emergency use authorization status, and it has not been fully approved by the FDA and is therefore experimental, and to say to an individual that we're going to force you to be a human guinea pig if you want to keep your job? Not only is that illegal, I think it's just outright wrong."

It's become a growing issue that Woodfill knows first hand from representing the Methodist Hospital employees who were fired for refusing to get vaccinated. But sadly, some really don't have a choice. "What do you say to the mother or father who need to keep their job?" Woodfill told KTRH, "They have to pay their mortgage and keep food on the table, but they don't want this shot in their body, and they don't want to be that experimental person to see what the long term effects are?"

Unfortunately, their rights don't matter.

We saw the positive effects that all of the Covid restrictions had in 2020, and now it appears that the left is bringing them back just in time for the 2022 midterms.

"It's all about power and control" Woodfill added, "That's what we have seen from day one from a Biden administration who believes that they should be making health care decisions for you, and they're trying to cloak it under the shroud of public health."

The CDC wants us to follow the data, but they won't release it. This is America in 2021.

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