The First Special Session is Scheduled to End Tomorrow

Friday, August 6, is 30 days after the start of the special session declared by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to address a specific list of objectives that urgently need addressing. Voter integrity is at the top of the list. The session is due to be gaveled to a close tomorrow.

Meanwhile, more than 50 House Democrats remain ensconced in their Washington DC retreat. Whether they show up, and when, is anyone’s guess.

Rice University’s head of Political Science Mark Jones expects Governor Abbott to immediately call for a second special session. Jones says that’s what Texas governors have done in the past when there is urgent business. “In this case, even more urgent because at the end of August the Texas legislature will be unfunded as of September 1st, and so it’s especially urgent that Article X be passed,” he tells KTRH News.

There are 2,100 state employees and legislative agency workers dependent on that funding.

Jones takes special pleasure in highlighting the escapades of two of those wayward missing Texas House Democrats. Not content with a vacation in Washington DC, they’ve taken off to Europe for a vacation in Portugal. The two reportedly said there was no proof they were in Portugal. “It would have been quite easy to provide proof you’re not in Portugal,” he laughs. “Simply a selfie in front of something in Washington DC or elsewhere in the United States,” Jones points out.

On July 10th remaining Republicans who showed up for the special session voted overwhelmingly to send law enforcement after the Democrats. We find out tomorrow if that has teeth.

photo: Getty Images

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