Mask Madness: The CDC Did An About Face - Where's The Data?

It seems like just yesterday, the CDC made the big announcement. If you get the vaccine, you don't need to wear a mask.

Now, here we are two months later, and what do you know? The CDC is moving the goal posts yet again announcing that they recommend face coverings, even for those people that have been vaccinated. The reason? The 'delta' variant. The science and the data? Not available.

"We've gone from to no masks, to one mask, two masks, to no mask, back to one mask" said Dr. Brian Joondeph, "Where is the science on any of this? There is no good explanation as to why, and people are getting tired of it."

Indeed they are, and especially leery of the lack of data. So much so, that last week you had both FOX news and the liberal Washington Post asking the CDC, where is the science for this decision to mask back up?

"There was a small study from India involving the delta variant" Dr. Joondeph told KTRH, "That study used a different vaccine, and this was a study that was rejected by Peer Review. That's not good science."

But the mask madness is back, with some experts predicting this '4th Covid surge' will be the worst yet. "Democrat mayors and governors will follow the CDC guidelines without question, because that's the party narrative" Dr. Joondeph, "Red states will object and there's talk of lockdowns coming. We have election audits coming up, the open southern border, increasing inflation. So these are all nice distractions."

And don't forget, follow the science.

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