How The Democrats Are Creating A Permanent Welfare State

Remember those extra federal unemployment benefits? They're not done yet!

They ended in Texas awhile ago, but right now there are currently 24 states that still offer them, and there is a push on the left to extend them even more, when they run out in September.

"Democrats have been using these types of government programs to get votes, and to secure their elections" said Terry Schilling, president of American Principles Project, "This is why we shouldn't be allowing politicians to have this much power."

That power is the key. A new study shows that a person can make up to $3,700 a month in government benefits and perks. And while anyone with an ounce of common sense would agree that's not ok, some Democrats believe it's a group that will vote for them if they keep the handouts coming.

"This is a terrible cycle that people are getting trapped into and we need to break it as soon as possible" Schilling told KTRH, "Offering extended unemployment to Americans when there are 9.2 million unfilled jobs isn't just wasteful, it's cruel. It's just a total shame that we are paying people to not work in this country."

But we are, and the concern is that what was intended to be short term emergency help a year and a half ago, is turning into the new welfare. "It's an easy cycle to fall into, and it's hard to break out of" Schilling said, "There are food shortages, there are longer lines, it's absolutely ridiculous! This is causing even more problems than we would have had if there was no extension of unemployment benefits."

Again, those benefits are set to end in September. But as we've seen, things change frequently under the Biden administration.

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