Gun Ammunition: Low Supply, High Demand

Local gun shop principals Danny Clark of Collectors Firearms and Ed Arrighi of American Shooting Centers have first hand knowledge. "There has been a shortage all last year and all this year" says Clark. Arrighi agrees, "It's really a nation-wide dynamic --- everybody is seeing that!" They both say their customer numbers are growing. Clark says, "You have 8 million new gun buyers added last year. It took place due to the social unrest and due to Covid."

Report: Gun Sales Lead to Ammo Shortages

Clark says there's also some hoarding, "You have a perceived scarcity to where a guy who used to buy 5 boxes of ammo - now he might buy 3 cases!" Arrighi says it's a temporary problem because the big ammunition manufacturers are increasing their capabilities, and supply will catch up with demand.

There are also reports of the shortage beginning to impact some law enforcement agencies.

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Close-up of bullets for an AK-47

Ammunition in Short SupplyPhoto: RooM RF

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