Will Houston Restaurants Require Proof Of Covid-19 Vaccination?

Will Houston restaurants require proof of the Covid vaccination for customers? The short answer is absolutely not. Why? Because it would be against the law.

Back in June, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation the prohibits any business from requiring proof of vaccination. Private businesses can still bring back the mask mandates, but they cannot require you to show proof of the vaccine. Melissa Stewart, Executive Director with the Texas Restaurant Association Southeast Division told KTRH, "Governor Abbott has really taken the pulse of our state, and he recognizes that we are a really diverse, and different state."

Different story in the blue states, like New York and California. Last week, there was a shake -shock- as Danny Meyer, the CEO of Shake Shack said he wants all customers to give proof of being vaccinated, before they can dine in one of their restaurants. "We are hearing that restaurants across the United States are making that request and requirement of their customers" Stewart said. Thankfully, that can't happen here in Houston, or anywhere else in the state of Texas. Plus, considering how rough the last year has been, local restaurants don't want it, and they don't want to be in the middle of it again. "We really don't want our restaurant employees who have really had a very tough year, to be the vaccine police" Stewart said, "We really want to honor our tradition of hospitality, and welcome people in to have a great experience. We just hope everybody does it in the safest way possible."

At this time here in Texas, restaurants and private businesses can force their employees to take the vaccine. They can also take your temperature and ask you to wear a mask. But they can't make you show proof of the vaccine. That is against the law.

Photo: MediaNews Group via Getty Images

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