Two Americas, Two Different Belief Systems – Is It Time For Us To Break Up?

There are 'red' states and 'blue' states, and America is truly divided. But this is different.

"I think we're probably more politically divided now than I've seen anytime in my lifetime" said political analyst and writer John Green, "Probably ever since the election of 2000, we're no longer two political opposition parties. The Democrats view Republicans as the enemy."

There have always been differences in the past between Republicans and Democrats. What kept it going was the common ground. Not anymore. There is no common ground because everything has been politicized. Covid, crime, the police, the border, the economy, education. Everything.

"There's very little sense of compromise going in Washington D.C." Green told KTRH, "I think that's the reason there has been such a huge migration to places like Texas. There are a lot of conservatives that are getting fed up."

It has become clear crystal clear. Red states vs. Blue states. Two completely different belief systems, making two completely different Americas. So where do we go from here?

"I think there is going to be a reckoning" Green said, "In the last year the liberals have stepped across the line, the mask has fallen off, and people have realized, is this where all the roads are really leading? We didn't realize that this is where the roads are leading."

Some have suggested a permanent separation of red states and blue states, and many view Texas as sort of a last stand, for America as we knew it. Green says " I don't that we can co-exist, but I don't think that we're on the verge of a civil war either." So what is the outlook? "I'm optimistic that we're seeing a lot of people waking up and I think the midterm elections next year are going to tell us a lot."

Democrats VS Republicans

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