Who Wants a Minimum Wage Job Today? Teens.

We’ve all seen the signs for Help Wanted on restaurants and businesses around Houston as retailers and service providers try to get back on the feet after the uncertainty of last year. They are finding a pool of talent among today’s teens.

They’ve become a sizable part of America’s workforce, 33.2% of those 16 to 19 holding down a job this summer.

Bobby Albert is encouraged. “So many teens are depending on their parents to take care of them. But when a teens steps out and seeks a job opportunity I find that very positive,” says the Wichita Falls business executive. He’s run successful corporations and is a success coach for those learning the tricks of the trade.

Albert has a suggestion when interviewing teens for a position. “It’s so important that in the interview process you’re asking about character qualities because that’s what’s going to be the factor of whether they’re going to stay with you or you’ll have to terminate them.”

And the best questions? “What is the teacher you admire most? And why?” Albert says the insight into character will come in their answer to why. He advises asking about a favorite coach. And why? Or who was a least favorite teacher or coach and why?

Teens are now in the workforce at a level not seen since the Big Recession in 2008.

photo: Getty Images

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