The Special Session Ends This Week – Will The Runaway Dems Return?

August has arrived, and the Texas runaway Democrats are still in Washington.

The Texas legislature special session is set to end on Friday, and barring a surprise return, it appears they will run out the clock.

Reporter Brad Johnson, who has been covering the story for The Texan told KTRH, "I've heard nothing about the Democrats returning before the session ends. The stalemate has gone on for now close to a month, and I don't really see what the path to resolution is other than one side giving up."

While the Democrats may not want to give up, eventually they are going to have to get up, and return to Texas, and as state representative Lacey Hull told FOX, they will be ready and waiting in Austin. "We can't do anything with this bill until they return. The Governor is committed to having this change in our election law, so he will keep calling special session after special session."

The novelty has worn off in Washington for the Texas Democrats. There were no big media appearances over the weekend, and they still can't get a meeting with President Biden.

So if they stay until Friday and the special session ends, what happens next? "It depends on the governor" Johnson told KTRH, "He has said that he will call continuous special sessions up until the 2022 midterms, if necessary, to pass these bills including the election reform bill. He can call another special session immediately and have people in Austin on the 7th (Saturday) that is totally possible."

It's not a matter of if, just a matter of when. The Texas Democrats are on the clock.

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