Why Democrats Don’t Care About Crime

Remember when Joe Biden promised unity for our nation? How's that working out?

At a time of the greatest divide in the history of our country, even more so than the Civil War, even the issue of crime has now become politicized.

It started last summer when Democrats decided to buy into the lie of 'systemic racism', and as a result, they turned their backs for the entire summer while our major blue cities were burned, looted, and pillaged.

The Democrats big take-away from all of the damage that was done? Defund the police! That was their take.

Fast forward to today, and the 'defund the police' narrative has turned into a Democrat disaster. Americans all across the country are pushing back with a vengeance. Congressman Troy Nehls knows first hand as the former Sherriff of Fort Bend County, "We saw all of this crime taking place" Nehls said, "And now all of the sudden you've got the Democrats, they're a little bit concerned now because the American people are starting to realize that the Democrats don't care about crime, because if they did you wouldn't defund the police."

In Austin, Texas where they did defund the police, voters have put a mandate adding more officers on the ballot. But while the overwhelming majority of American support the police, there is still that small yet loud group of radical Democrats, who promote that upholding our laws is racist, and a form of oppression.

"It is absolutely asinine, it's crazy" Nehls told KTRH, "The American people are sick and tired of it, I'm hearing it from constituents. Go ahead Democrats, keep walking down this path. You're going to pay for it." That of course will be in next year's midterms.

So crime is out of control, and Democrats don't care because they don't want to lose any votes, but how did we get to this place where crime is now partisan? Former judge Ted Poe offered his perspective to KTRH. "It's coming from this philosophy of the left called 'anarchy of hate'. To some on the left, people are committing crime against western civilization if you will, therefore it's ok because they teach hatred of the white race. In their mind, it's fine, and they ignore the rule of law. It's very disturbing, but many people believe. It is the anarchy of hate that is being promoted in the United States."


Photo: AFP

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