Brain Washed: Younger Americans Say They Prefer Socialism

Lost in everything else that is going on in our world, the Democrats are continuing their push for socialism in the United States. And they have found their target demographic. Young people.

By offering free health care, free education, and other perks and promises, the left has laid the foundation for their radical agenda.

The problem is, to make everything free, someone else has to pay for it. And then there's the other inconvenient truth, that socialism has never worked, and it never will.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation does a tremendous job on many issues, including this one. Economist Vance Ginn posted a report for TPPF on socialism vs. capitalism.

"Socialism is ownership by government, while capitalism is ownership by individuals" Ginn told KTRH, "I think a lot of young people are falling for socialism because I think they're being sold a bill of lies. They don't quite understand what socialism is, that it fails every time. It breeds more poverty, and it breeds less freedom in our lives which is really what we need to get out of capitalism for more prosperity, and more freedom."

The Democrats however see things differently. They want you to think that the 'American dream' is a nightmare, even though their own alignment with big corporations and big tech are truly scary.

Leading the charge for the push for socialism are Bernie Sanders, and AOC. They believe in wealth distribution, and again that the government should play God. "It is easy to say as a politician that something is free" Ginn said, "That will get people excited about it, particularly the young people of America, but nothing is free, socialism is not free, and we should not be heading in the right direction."

There is great saying, 'insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results'. Unfortunately for the Democrats, that applies to socialism. "Ultimately what it comes down to is more control" Ginn pointed out, "Every time that it is tried, it fails. Socialism is more control over our daily lives. You can't be robbing Peter to pay Paul, because you can't bring about prosperity by taking from some to give to others."

The Democrats don't see it that way.

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