How Public Officials Skew Covid Numbers To Scare You

Ah, "15 days to slow the spread"...remember that? The good ol' days!

Here we are a little over 16 months later, and the CDC has decided to bring back the masks! The same CDC that said two months ago, that if you take the vaccine you don't need a mask. Pretty simple.

So what happened? "This does not follow good science" said Dr. Kelly Victory, a well respected infectious disease expert, "On the other hand, I think that the vaccines simply are not performing as well as we had been led to believe that they would. It's just an on-going doubling down of these control mechanisms that are highly political."

In case you missed it, the CDC also announced last week that they are doing away with the Rapid Response Covid Test. Why? Because they don't flu cases called Covid, something that Dr. Victory tells KTRH, already happened! "There's no question that there were many, many cases of influenza that were misdiagnosed as Covid. They have been wildly overinflated, and I think it's been done to foment continued fear and panic."

What's interesting is, the CDC is allowing the test to continue through the end of the year. Huh? Even though it was never intended to diagnose a disease, and as we noted, the results are tainted. On top of that, Dr. Victory points out, "The day before the CDC announcement, Bill Gates and George Soros completed their acquisition of the U.K. based Covid testing company called 'Mologic' and one wonders how it was that Bill Gates and George Soros would have known?"

You won't hear a thing about that from the mainstream media, but you will continue to hear that 'white, evangelical, Trump supporters' are the ones not getting vaccinated? That is also a lie. According to the CDC's data, White people are a slight second, just behind Asian's in the vaccination rates among ethnic groups.

"The virus is real" Dr. Kelly said, "The statistics are not."

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