Crime Riddled Cities Are Now Doing An About Face On Defunding The Police

The Democrats campaign pledge to "defund the police" has backfired, in a big way.

With crime rates at record levels across the country, the American people are pushing back. Case in point, in Democrat led Austin, Texas, they actually defunded the police and the people there are outraged! So much so, they have put adding more police officers on the ballot. Andy Kahan of Crimestoppers said it's not a surprise. "I think you're seeing an uproar in all parts of the country, and obviously in Austin because they actually quote did defund their police department. There has been an increase in crime, there's an increase of people who just don't feel safe."

People have not felt safe here in Houston. "I can tell you from a personal level at Crimestoppers, I frankly can't keep up" Kahan told KTRH, "Right now I have 127 people who have been murdered by defendants released on multiple felony bonds."

The PR bonds have been an absolute disaster as well, especially here in Houston. Bail reform is one of the big issues that has been put on hold due to the Texas runaway Democrats, but Kahan says eventually it will finally get done. "It should have done in the special session, it should have been done in the regular session" Kahan said, "Eventually it's going to happen. The bail reform bills are good public safety bills that will prevent the increase of releasing multiple defendants who have been charged with numerous crimes."

Also here in Houston, we are facing a severe shortage of police officers. "We are somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 - 2,500 officers short of where we should be" said Doug Griffith of the Houston Police Officers Union, "With us being shorthanded of officers, and these judges continuously releasing these offenders back out, it runs us even shorter."

With the defunding the police debacle happening in Democrat led cities, it is also a reminder that elections have consequences, and who you vote or don't vote for, does matter.

Two police officers standing in front of patrol cars

Photo: Getty Images

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