Today is National Mutt Day!

Today, July 31, 2021, is National Mutt Day.

Dr. Erin Katribe is the Medical Director for Best Friend Animal Society says you should celebrate the day. " I think that the best way to celebrate National Mutt Day is to visit your area animal shelter and adopt a mixed breed dog - or even a cat - and bring them home to your family." She says no two mixed breeds - or "mutts" are alike and will likely be healthier, happier, better behaved - and live longer than a purebred of the same age.

Dr. Katribe also says that Mutts make great pets, but it you're not ready to adopt - you can still help to save one by fostering a mutt. She explains, " You take an animal out of a shelter and get that animal out of the stressful environment of the shelter, bringing them into your home, and keeping them there temporarily and caring for them until a 'forever home' is found for them." she says mixed breeds usually have a lower risk of inheriting diseases than purebreds.

Dr. Katribe says you can find mixed breeds to adopt all over the Houston area. "There are tons of opportunity for adoption for a mutt (or cat or kitten) in Houston and the surrounding counties. They are all deserving of loving homes. This is a day to celebrate each and every mutt and their own uniqueness!" She says all shelters need more volunteers as well.

Go here to find an animal shelter near you.


A mutt will make you happy.

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