Democrats Tout Child Tax Credit in Ads Ahead of Midterms

Democrats are hoping to ensure their reelection by promising monthly checks to tens of millions of parents.

Democratic leaders are touting a newly expanded Child Tax Credit in a digital ad campaign. They're hoping voters will remember who gave them money when they cast their ballot in key midterm races. In addition, they say they want to make that expanded credit permanent.

Wall Street Journal columnist Bill McGurn says the Democrats have a vision for America that he doesn't like.

“The entire middle class depending on government for their livelihood. I think it’s a terrible mistake, a bad precedent, and gives them very bad short-term incentives as well,” McGurn said in a recent television interview.

Republicans are concerned about the check. Earlier this month, the IRS distributed the first of six-monthly payments, which is roughly 15 billion dollars. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says households with no working adults could get end up with thousands of dollars, turning a “child credit” into a welfare check.

“I think Republicans have to make an argument,” McGurn explained. “This is not the best way to help American families, it’s not the way to get our economy back and running, and it has very pernicious long-term effects.”

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