Biden Remorse: What He Is Being Told To Say Is Scary

It's no secret that the Democrats strategically selected Joe Biden to be their candidate for president.

And it's not a secret either that Biden is being used as a prop to push the left's radical agenda. "So many Americans at this point realize that President Biden is suffering serious mental decline, some form of dementia" said political analyst Debbie Georgatos, "The fact that the Democrat party will continue to let him pretend that he is president is a really ugly commentary. They want hold on power."

What is a surprise? The Democrats don't even care anymore that you know. Case in point, last week's CNN Town Hall fail in which the president could be clearly seen (and heard) receiving answers to questions in his ear piece. Like everything else in our nation right now, if it was a Republican, this would be major headline news. But because it's Biden, and the Democrats control the mainstream media, he gets a free pass.

As egregious as that is and continues to be, even worse is what Joe Biden is actually saying! First, where is it coming from? Who is behind the curtain in the Dems Wizard of Oz? "It is no secret that former president Obama stayed in Washington, most former president's do not" Georgatos told KTRH, "People close to the administration have said that president Biden speaks to Obama several times a day, quite often. People who are the leftist's wanting to bring this take over of America."

So the take away is, don't focus on how Biden is bumbling, but listen to what they are telling him to say. "Watching what he is doing is important" Georgatos said, "But the bigger impact on the American people comes in the policies that the Biden Administration is choosing to embrace. They have abandoned the southern border, and it is unspeakable what they are doing to our U.S. military." Plus, don't forget there's skyrocketing inflation, soaring gas prices, CRT, and the return of mask madness. Until next time.


Photo: AFP

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