Wait times for your food delivery could be getting longer.

After you ordered your pizza or Chinese food to be delivered, it always seems like a long wait because you're hungry. Now, however, the wait really could be longer. Restaurant and fast food delivery services are lagging a bit these days. Cameron James of Latrelle's, which owns and operates franchise restaurants, says in Houston staffing challenges abound and more Houstonians are ordering food to be delivered than ever before. "We're starting to see fewer and fewer drivers out there. We are in incredibly high demand - and are short the people we need to meet that demand."

James says older generations learning to use apps are adding to the orders, "Last year generations who were previously adverse to using technology - or even calling in an 'order to go' had no choice . So, they learned how to do it and are still doing it!" He adds that drivers who 'made hay' delivering food when they were laid off from their regular jobs have gone back to the office. James says it's a perfect storm of too much demand and not enough supply.

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To Go food delivery getting slower.Photo: Bloomberg via Getty Images

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