Texas Farmers Call for Federal Aid as Smugglers Wreak Havoc on Land

Texans living near the border are begging for help as illegal immigrants wreak havoc on their farms and ranches.

Farmers are still waiting on a response for federal aid from the Biden administration. Members of the Texas Farm Bureau signed a letter in June demanding the White House pay for the damage to fences, crops, and lost livestock as smugglers plow through the area. They don't believe they should have to pay out of pocket for damages done as a result of lax border policies.

“They need to step in and pay for the damages they caused,” State Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller said.

Miller notes how President Trump stepped up to help farmers during the tariff conflict with China. However, he doesn't think President Biden will do the same.

“They don’t want to deal with the border issue. They don’t want to deal with immigrant. They certainly don’t want to pay for the damages,” Miller explained.

With no response from Washington, Miller says they may have to look elsewhere for the money to help farmers rebuild.

“We’re probably going to appeal to Governor Abbott. He’s sitting on about 16 billion dollars from the federal government with no strings,” Miller added. “I think that would be a worthy cause to help repair those fences and crops and damaged property and livestock.”

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