Amazon Wants a Key to Your Apartment Building

Amazon wants a mobile key to your apartment or condo building. They say it will save the time delivery drivers have to wait for access into the lobby to drop off packages - especially if it's after hours during high volume seasons. KTRH Technology expert (and High-Tech Texan) Michael Garfield says anything that uses the internet could be hacked and that includes this mobile device. "Tenants might not know of their building manager or owner giving away a code to the key to the front door. That puts a lot of people in that building at potential risk. Also, if they are told, tenants may be hesitant about a huge company having access to their living space. "

"This is one very large company trying to infiltrate a little bit closer into our homes - but we want that convenience. Here's the thing about technology and privacy: If we don't give up a little bit of privacy each time we use a service we're not going to be able to use that service. That is what we give and get in exchange!"

And what if the access code gets hacked and a "bad actor" gets in? Garfield says landlords will have to step up both their lobby and technology security if they agree to the access.

Garfield reminds us: "We always give up privacy and security every time we opt for convenience and speed of delivery. It's a choice we continue to make."

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