Time Is Running Out For The Runaway Texas Democrats

It was another lost weekend in Washington for the run-away Texas Democrats.

No positive Covid tests, at least that we know about, and still no meeting with President Biden. And while most are spending their time at restaurants, or on MSNBC, Texas Governor Greg Abbott shared his thoughts on Sunday on FOX. "I think there's a fraying of the Democrats in Washington D.C. because they're realizing they are accomplishing absolutely nothing."

The Texas Democrats did receive a large cash donation from failed candidate Beto O'Rourke, but again they have not been able to get any face time with Joe Biden. Governor Abbott used his appearance to point out that the so called 'voter restrictions' that the Democrats continue to lie about, are actually much worse in Biden's home state of Delaware. "For 12 days there are early voting hours in Texas" Abbott said, "Compare that to Biden's home state that has exactly zero early voting hours. If there's any state engaged in voter suppression it would be the state of Delaware, not the state of Texas." Of course you will never hear that truth from the Democrats, or their comrades with the mainstream media.

It was also another rough weekend on social media for the Texas Democrats who were torched for criticizing Governor Abbott for not bringing back a mask mandate in Texas, even though they don't wear masks themselves. And faced with a possible arrest when they return to Texas for fleeing and not doing their jobs, some of the Texas Democrats actually compared it to slavery.

The group that is still in Washington is vowing to stay until the Special Session ends in a couple of weeks. But longtime political strategist Bill Miller told KTRH at the end of the day, it won't matter. "Everything on the call that the Governor put up is going to pass" he said, "And when they come back another session will be called immediately, and it's highly unlikely that they will depart again."

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer also pointed out on FOX the hypocrisy of how different all of this would be covered if it were a group of Republicans instead of Democrats.

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