The Woke War On Air Conditioning

The first heat wave of the summer has arrived, and so has the 'woke' war on air conditioning.

As pointed out in a well written piece by Joseph D'Hippolito, TIME magazine actually ran a story about the 'climate violence', and how green energy isn't good enough. We have to change our culture, as well as our comfort.

"This is where it's going" said political analyst Luke Macias, "If you think that it's all about just putting some more windmill's up, or putting some solar panels on your home, that is nothing compared to the future that they want our country to be in."

The 'they' that he is referring to is the radical left, who believe that part of their socialist utopia should include cooling centers, more shade giving trees, and safe green spaces. But no ac. As the instructor who wrote the article for TIME said, we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Of course those in the left who are railing against air conditioners, will still continue to keep cool themselves. As we've seen for years, the Democrats have one rule. Do what we say, not as we do. Case in point, the Texas runaway Democrats not wearing masks, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi at the salon, Gavin Newsom at the restaurant, the list is truly endless.

In the meantime, the radical group of the party will continue to push their agenda. "This is a small group of people who literally run most of the Democrat party's policies" Macias told KTRH, "These individuals have an end goal in mind that is a radical, radical policy."

The counter to that is that there is no scientific data to back up any of these bogus claims, and the true reality is, air conditioners save lives during extreme heat.

Next on the list? Get ready for 'climate' lockdowns.

Too hot at home

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