Economist: Democrats Using Crises to Push for Bigger Government

Frustration is growing on Capitol Hill. Senate Democrats continue to hit roadblocks as they try to push through a massive infrastructure proposal backed by President Biden.

As of this report, there’s been no final deal on a 1.2 trillion-dollar spending bill. One of the latest issues has been attempts by some Democrats trying to tie immigration reform to infrastructure. Republicans have already pushed back on attempts to tie health care, childcare, and other unrelated social programs to the spending bill. Economist and retired business professor Peter Morici contends Democrats will never let a good crisis go to waste.

“They’re creating a dependent population. The folks will end up needing the government more than ever to get along,” Morici said.

He believes the Democrats’ goal is a massive expansion of government, but he doesn’t believe their proposals are good for the economy.

“I think we’ll get a lot of inflation because their taxes won’t cover it all, and they’ll have to either print of a lot of money or accept higher interest rates. My guess is they’ll end up printing money,” Morici explained.

This is only the first of several spending proposals, as senators set the stage for another 3.5 trillion-dollar bill to present this fall.

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