Woke Olympians Making It Hard To Root For America

The 2020 Olympics (in 2021) are underway in Tokoyo. The big question is, will you be watching?

Once a source of pride, joy, and unity for our great nation, the Olympic games have turned into a cruel woke joke. From shining a spotlight on the greatest country in the history of the world, the games have now become a self serving session for America bashing.

"What's sad is that in the past, the Olympics were something to represent your country at" said Warner Todd Houston, who has documented the decline of sports for Breitbart, "It wasn't a place to bring your hate with you, it was something to set aside yourself to represent the country. There is no more unity, there is no more world coming together, it's everybody for himself."

There will be no fans at the Olympics due to the Covid surge in Japan. But the IOC has loosened restrictions on protests and political expression. The athletes can do whatever they want, except for during the opening ceremonies, and on the medal stand. "The IOC has offered plenty of places for them to protest" Warner Todd Houston told KTRH, "But as with most activists, if they don't have all of everything, they're never happy. There's no compromise with them."

That would include the transgender BMX athlete who is hoping to burn the American flag following a win, and leading the charge would probably be the 'woke' U.S. women's soccer team which was already stunned by Sweden 3-0! Sadly, many people were happy about it. "They all took a knee during the American national anthem, and then they lose and you see all over social media people saying they were glad they lost" Houston said, "This is exactly the opposite of what we want to see with the games. We want to see American's rooting for our athletes, not that you're so sick and tired of their antics that you want them to lose."

But that is where we are, and while there should be some great performances and some very compelling stories, this could be the lowest rated Olympic games ever. "We saw lows coming over the last several Olympics" Houston pointed out, "I have a feeling we're going to see the lowest ratings ever."

May God bless America.

2020 SheBelieves Cup - United States v Japan

Photo: Getty Images North America

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