Parents Are Being Cancelled By Their Own Kids

We hear everyday about big tech censorship, and cancel culture. But there is a new problem spreading across our nation. It's kids cancelling their parents.

The divide in our nation is hitting home, with more and more parents with traditional values, finding themselves on the complete opposite end of the spectrum compared to the woke ideals and agenda of Hollywood, pop culture, and the left.

"Because social media is so prevalent, and many in social and mainstream media are on the left, this is the first time a lot of young people are hearing these things" said UH Professor and tv personality Jacquie Baly, "They may start repeating it, and they may start believing it."

And there in lies the problem. You can't keep your kids in a bubble, so how do you combat what happens once they leave it? Baly says it all begins at home. "If they see that your actions are really backing up your words of traditional, good family values" she said, "They will understand that this is the lifestyle that they want to have as well."

Simply put, you have to practice what you preach, and lead by example. "I've always encouraged healthy discourse in the home, and a healthy discourse with my students" Baly told KTRH, "But if you start cancelling because there was a disagreement, that's where I feel there's been a failure in your upbringing."

Author Caryn Boddie described her situation in detail for American Thinker. She was cancelled by her our children in January due to politics, and specifically Donald Trump. She points out that the left has been targeting young people for decades, and most importantly she reminds everyone that this is truly a spiritual battle.

God promises in Isaiah 55:11 that his word will not return void.

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