The Mask Crowd Is Back With A Vengeance

Just when you thought it was safe to throw your mask away.

Covid is back in the news due to the 'Delta' variants, and so is the return of mask madness.

Two months ago, the CDC said that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks. But that didn't stop Los Angeles from reissuing their mask mandate.

"All this means is this is not ending" said the American Thinker's Dr. Brian Joondeph, "Everything they told us, we're doing it and they keep changing the goalposts. We seem to be going backwards without a good explanation of why, which leads me to believe there are other factors in play."

And what are those other factors? Is it control? Fear? A distraction from all of the damage being done by the Biden administration? "We've got election audits going on, we've got Hunter Biden's laptop in the news, Trump rallies are starting" Joondeph told KTRH, "How convenient to start locking down, and tell Trump you can't hold a rally anywhere. So there are a lot of other things that these mandates may be helpful for in terms of pursuing a political agenda.

Thankfully, here in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has already said he will not be issuing another mask mandate. But if the Covid cases continue to rise, we can expect the federal government to seize the opportunity. "There are people from prominent medical organizations like the World Health Organization that have advocated for permanent, or indefinite mask wearing" Joondeph said, "And where's the science behind it? We're told how good the vaccine is, and how necessary it is, yet we have to go back to last year."

But in the meantime, how about if we go back to last week? The runaway Texas Democrats, remember how they posted that picture on their private jet without masks? Even though that's against the law? Well, one of the six Democrats who tested positive for Covid, Rep. Donna Howard is now calling for Texas to "change course" and issue a universal mask mandate.

Do as they say, not as they do.

Texas Governor Abbott Lifts Statewide Mask Mandate

Photo: Getty Images North America

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