Biden vs. Carter: The Jimmy Carter Presidency Has Returned

It's been only six months for Joe Biden, and yet it feels just like the late 70's.

With so much damage already being done, some are calling it Jimmy Carter 2.0! With Biden gaining ground in the race for one of the worst presidency's ever.

The easy comparison would be the sky high oil prices, which are completely unnecessary, other than to make other countries like Russia rich. But as Virginia Kruta, who writes for the Daily Caller points out probably the biggest thing Biden has in common with Jimmy Carter is what they call the 'misery index'. Now this has nothing to do with how people feel, with our company heading towards socialism. The misery index is a number that combines the inflation rate, to the unemployment rate. And since Biden has been in office, that number is skyrocketing.

"That misery index ever since Joe Biden took office has ticked upward" Kruta told KTRH, "Joe Biden is up to 11.6, and nothing has happened to drive it there except Biden being in the White House. So how do you argue that Joe Biden is not trending towards what happened with Jimmy Carter."

The numbers don't lie, and Kruta says the reasons are pretty simple. "You have a lot of things that are contributing to this" Kruta said, "But the major issues are policy issues that are coming directly from the White House."

As for the comparisons of Biden to Carter? "If you listen to former president Donald Trump, he thinks it's not fair to Jimmy Carter to compare them because Biden is much worse" Kruta said.

Because of the similarities, many believe that Biden like Carter, will be a one and done president. "There's the hope among Republicans that they will both be one term president" she said, "But Carter at the time was far more eloquent when he spoke." And that might be the only difference.

Photo: SULLIVAN, JON (uploader)

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