Biden Administration: We Are All Enemies Of The State

There are a lot of posts to read, and a lot of people to listen to. But we're going to start this one with you. What does America mean to you? What does freedom mean to you?

Chances are if you are reading this, your definition is much more different than what we are seeing from Democrats, and the Biden administration.

In just six months they've gone after your freedom, then your guns, followed by censorship. Now they want to change the way you think.

"The Biden team is building a national thought police" said author Jim Hanson, "And right now, the constitution says they can't censor speech themselves, so they've literally outsourced it to Silicon Valley, who now is shutting down speech claiming it's misinformation."

A crazy 'right wing' conspiracy theory? Think again. "They think they can socially engineer America into a completely different place" Hanson told KTRH, "The founders wouldn't recognize it, they wouldn't like it, and none of the rest of us should like it. We all need to take a look at how they think America should operate, and tell them absolutely not."

Sadly, Biden and the Democrats have fallen for the false idol of 'socialism', while creating their own false trinity of government, big tech, and the mainstream media.

Thankfully, according to Hanson who has a new book out titled 'Winning The Second Civil War: Without Firing A Shot', conservatives are finally fighting back. "I'm seeing a ground swell, where people are sick of it. There is just a wave of people who are not going to let them get away with this."

But he adds that the days of sitting and watching on the sidelines are over, and that everyone has to get involved. As one writer put it, speak now or forever hold your peace.

America is worth fighting for.

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