There’s a Rash of Lawsuits Coming

Hastily rearranged and redrafted laws cobbled together during the Covid pandemic are likely going to lead to a number of lawsuits as the dust settles.

The Texan reporter Brad Johnson has been following the legal issues as they arise, and says where things stand now, victims of violence perpetrated by a felon who is out on a PR bond because of Covid is not going to have any options.

“There is no recourse for victims at the moment. The legislature is trying to pass legislation that would restrict use of PR bonds by these local judges but it is stalled because of a lack of a quorum right now,” he tells KTRH News.

The moratorium on evictions is over at the end of July, and that’s going to clog the courts for months.

“Right now the federal eviction moratorium ends on July 31, unless the CDC renews it. At that point, landlords can sue to remove delinquent tenants like they would at any regular time,” says Johnson.

A survey by the American Bar Association finds 91% of lawyers in America expect we stand on the precipice of an increase in covid lawsuits.

“I think the biggest legal question overall, whether its concerning health orders or something sort of related like election law or something in-between, what will be allowed to survive after these pandemic conditions subside?” asks Johnson.

photo: Getty Images

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