The Left Now Pushing To Cancel The Unvaccinated

With the left freaking out with growing fears over the 'delta variant', Republicans are being called upon to ban vaccination discrimination.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott did sign into law a ban on vaccine passports. But now less than 2 months later, more needs to be done.

Attorney Jared Woodfill, who represents the employees who were fired by Houston Methodist hospital for refusing to take the vaccine told KTRH, "Clearly this is motivated by a larger political agenda, and their goal is to force people to participate in a vaccine trial, and their going to do everything possible to force that to happen. I'm hopeful that people will stand up."

But it's not easy, as those who are still hesitant due to the underreported side effects, and deaths, are being shamed, and treated like second class citizens. "The left says if you are not willing to participate, then your rights should be terminated" Woodfill said, " You shouldn't be able to enter restaurants, schools, airplanes, jobs, you name it. It's a political agenda that is inconsistent with the law."

The question now is, will Republican lawmakers doing anything to push back? "Unfortunately right now everything we've seen come out of Austin doesn't have any teeth" Woodfill said, "It really doesn't protect anyone. Governor Abbott needs to take a stand right now and put it on the special session. So far he has chosen to ignore that plea, but I'm hopeful that enough people will call his office and he will change his mind."

We shall see, if and when the special session resumes.

Demonstrators Protests At Texas State Capitol Against Governor's Stay At Home Order

Photo: Getty Images North America

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