Work-from-Home Model Not Working for All

When Covid hit, businesses responded to lockdowns by innovating new ways employees could keep working from home.

It was heralded as a paradigm shift in the entire approach to work/life balance that guaranteed things would never return as they had been.

That’s not working out so well. surveyed 1,000 business owners and found 45% are not enthralled with what has become of productivity. There has been research indicating an increase in how much work people are getting done, but business owners say it hasn’t held up. 39% say they’d fire an employee who refused to return to the office.

“Basically 75% of employees cant’ work remotely, so in that one fourth [who can], I seriously doubt that one group is going to affect how the other 75% do their work,” says Travis Foster, Chief Legal Officer for Workshield, a platform that helps businesses navigate workplace issues.

The survey by found 70% of remote workers wanted to get back to the office. Social isolation has taken a toll on the workforce.

photo: Getty Images

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